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What many pastors feel

Pastoral ministry is rewarding. In fact, Romans 10:15 gives us the biblical truth that pastors' feet are "beautiful". However, ministry can also be very frustrating at times. This is especially true when the pastor feels alone.

Pastors often try to tackle their issues single handedly, but God offers a better solution.

Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisors they succeed. Pr 15:22

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Download the free sample report, "Burnout- What is it? Do I have it? Antidotes" from past meeting materials.


How it works

The Pastor Advisory Council utilizes a proven successful model to simplify a pastor's life by connecting him with powerful peer relationships for sharing experiences and best practices that achieve results.

Once a month 6 to 15 pastors come together to encourage, strengthen, and grow. Enjoy a refreshing time in a supportive environment away from the office while you learn. Designed exclusively for pastors. Professionally facilitated and conducted for you - just "show up" and experience greater excellence in your pastoral ministry.

In addition to the monthly council meeting, each member will meet in a one-on-one time with the facilitator for personalized ministry simplification.

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