Outcomes to expect of membership..

  • Expert help - available, confidential, and without judgment.
  • Accountability to do the "right" things, not just the urgent.
  • Confidence in knowing all the options before you make a decision.
  • Knowing how to get the best out of people, staff and volunteers.
  • Joy in a focus on pastoral commonalities, not doctrinal differences.
  • Clarity & achievement of vision and goals. And, measure progress.
  • Increased awareness and implementation of the best practices.
  • Variety of valuable insights beyond traditions.
  • Fellowship and camaraderie from others who understand you.

Connecting you to powerful peer relationships.

It's about Partnership.

Brothers who help you forsee the turns, but also brothers who can offer perspective and alternatives when life does swerve on you.

You can only give what you've got. The Pastor Advisory Council strengthens your spirit and your abilities so that you can fulfill your calling to pastor others. Register now.


Facilitator Bio

My calling is to serve pastors. I believe that Jesus has a special place in His heart for you as you care for His precious bride. But, Satan is determined to bring you down. If you're in a war and wounded, my desire is to be the medic rushing to aid you.

My name is David Ward. It grieves me over the number of pastors who are discouraged and ultimately leave ministry, sometimes in bad circumstances. The mission of the Pastor Advisory Council is "Pastors for Life". To thrive for a lifetime of pastoral service. PAC seeks to free you to do the work Jesus called you to do. I am dedicated to making the council an awesome resource for pastors in the Upstate.

My background and education allow me to bring a unique combination of business pragmatics and love of ministry. After being employed for 25 years in the Information Technology arena, ultimately as Director of Applications Development for a fortune 100 company, I felt a call to pursue para-church ministry. I enjoy applying leadership, analysis, and problem solving skills to pastors and churches.

I have served as an Executive Minister for a large contemporary church as well as a number of corporate leadership positions. My background includes a B.S. in Computer Science as well as a M.S. in Ministerial Leadership. I am also a trained member of the Society for Church Consulting.

For additional details as well as recommendations, please see my resume as generated from my profile on LinkedIn



A structured agenda is utilized each meeting with the following model segments.

  • Ministerial Leadership - This segment is all about people. The focus is on education about the best practices of leadership and general management tools to enable the Senior Pastor to simplify the Human Relations and Communications aspect of his pastorate.
  • Simplify Church - Improving the flow of operations of your church. What processes clog up your ministries? How best to organize ministries. How to set direction and move forward efficiently.
  • Spotlight Presentation - Personalized in-depth analysis for you. Each month one member pastor will be given an opportunity to present an overview of his church and receive an extended in-depth analysis from the full council. Your presentation will follow a prescribed format covering such topics as church vision, pastor responsibilities, staff, board interactions, and key issues for feedback.
  • Open Table - On the spot counsel. Opportunity for every pastor to get advisement and suggestions on the issues he is facing right now.
  • Accountability - Your next steps. What will you commit to accomplishing in SMART (Specific,Measurable,Attainable,Realistic,Timely) goals between now and the next counsel meeting? These may be personal goals and/or objectives for your church.

While the council is not a Bible study, biblical truths and prayer are a fundamental part of every meeting.


Massage your spirit

Massage your mind, Massage your spirit.

Perhaps right now you have concerns that this all sounds too much like a luxury. After all, pastors should serve in austerity and only have the necessitities. Right?

Pastor, your peace of mind and strength of spirit IS a necessity for the well-being of your church, not to mention your family. The Pastor Advisory Council is about massaging your mind and massaging your spirit.

Massage your mind as you learn from others..

  • Wisdom and counsel.
  • Leverage what others have experienced.
  • Learn all about building a better team.
  • Discover how to be a more effective coach.

Massage your spirit as you are supported..

  • Here you don't have to be anything for anyone but yourself.
  • Relax in a private setting knowing all things are confidential.
  • Be reminded on a regular basis that "your feet are beautiful".
  • Enjoy a place of community for sharing of concerns and struggles.

Typical indecision regarding the commitment to join the Pastor Advisory Council relate to time and cost pressures. Nearly all pastors share these concerns. However, the council is designed to assist in dealing with the issue of balancing time in a God honoring manner. Time efficiency gains more than outweigh the investment.

Come as our guest to a gathering to experience PAC for yourself. Register now.

Contact Us Today for more information: 864-881-1648 or e-mail to davidw@pastoradvisorycouncil.com